5 Things Every Worship Leader Should Learn From Jimmy Fallon

By Josh Maze ~

No matter the guest, they’re the “absolute best” on the “absolute best” TV show or film. Isn’t it amazing that every. single. night… Jimmy’s “favorite” person is on the show… and we believe him? I believe him. I follow him. All the way to the desk where he is absolutely enthralled by the special guest. Completely engaged.

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon - Season 4

As a matter of fact, he’s so engaged – I’m engaged. I’m engaged through him. All the sudden I find myself interested in the guest / the subject / the conversation. Through Jimmy’s excitement & passion, I find myself involved. I never knew that I could become such a fan of some random C-list celebrity… but seeing Jimmy as such a fanatic about this person, here I am. Participating.

Here are 5 things every worship leader should learn from Jimmy Fallon.

1. He’s always smiling.
This may be the most important and underrated aspect of Jimmy’s career. He smiles. A lot. Like… constantly. And that’s really good because, he’s in our living rooms and our bedrooms. And we want happy / positive people in our home. Smiles break down barriers.

Smiles invite you in. Every worship leader who doesn’t smile while singing about Love… Grace… Hope… Jesus… is completely missing the mark. If you’re not smiling, you’re not winning. If you’re not smiling, you probably don’t look friendly. You might even be coming across too serious, overly spiritual, or arrogant. Let’s avoid that at all cost.

2. He’s got great energy.
It’s rarely hype. It’s always excitement. He loves what he does, and it’s obvious. But check this out… Jimmy Fallon has bad days too. He’s a human being. But you may never know it. We don’t see it. He presses through and does his job… making us feel at home.

People need a confident leader to bring the energy to the room. Energy is contagious. Bad / low energy is contagious. Great / high energy is contagious. Be yourself, yes. Be vulnerable, of course. But get excited about what you’re doing!

3. He’s humble.
I’ve heard a ton of different people make comments about Jimmy. “He’s awesome… He’s the best… I love him… I have a crush on him… He’s literally perfect…” (And those are just from my wife…) 🙂 But I have never heard anyone say anything about his ego, his pride, or his arrogance.

Yet – he’s one of the biggest stars in the world. He’s self-deprecating. He knows his strengths – He knows his weaknesses. He doesn’t take himself too seriously. He’s quick to laugh at himself. That’s endearing. I like being around people like that, don’t you? With his ratings up 27% in the households & up 40% in the 18-49 demographic. Yes. You do. We do.

4. He’s prepared.
Monologues, singing, dancing, bits, sketches, dialogues, interviews… he does it all. And he’s ready. We think we have something to get ready for on Sundays? Once a week? Imagine having to be fresh, funny, smart, & interesting 5 nights a week. He nails it. And yes, he’s got a great team around him that help him prep.

What can we learn from this as worship leaders? What can we take away? Very little excellent happens in life without proper preparation and planning. Let’s do our part to prepare, and let God do what only He can do.

5. He’s relevant.
‘Relevant’ isn’t my favorite word ever. But let’s remind ourselves… It’s a real word:

 adjective rel·e·vant ˈre-lə-vənt relating to a subject in an appropriate way

If I tried doing what we do at Highpoint Church at the big Episcopal Cathedral down the street, it wouldn’t work. I’d be dead in the water. You have to speak the language of the people you are speaking to. You have to relate. You have to know who is in the room and have an idea of where they are coming from.

Jimmy’s show is so relevant, it’s ridiculous. The monologues are literally centered around the day’s news, the day’s gossip, and even the day’s tragedy. The interviews are centered around the film or TV show that just premiered or is about to premier. Why do so many churches miss this? We at Highpoint have decided to teach timeless truths in a timely way.
That’s a Non-negotiable.

+  +  +  +  +

So, all in all, while Jimmy is leading us in the praise of the people he adores – like Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, Tom Cruise, Justin Timberlake, or Brad Pitt.

We still have a lot to learn. If we are leading people in the worship of JESUS, how much more then should we be smiling, energetic, humble, prepared, & relevant? Jimmy, if you’re out there, I for one, am inspired to be a better worship leader. Thank you.

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5 Responses to 5 Things Every Worship Leader Should Learn From Jimmy Fallon

  1. sweetjoey says:

    I believe the church could learn a lot from the secular sector.
    it seems all too often that churches throw out common sense and logic especially when it comes to worship/music departments.
    some business sense has to be employed.
    worship teams seem to emphasize the spiritual and not the practical. Jesus was very practical-he married the spiritual with the practical and harmonized the two everyday.

  2. dgbutcher says:

    Hi Mark.
    Just delighted when reading a post my son Michael had shared, when I realized you were the source of a lot of material he shares with his team.
    Michael was a baby in SA when LS hit Nelspruit but as a little lad back in the UK he grew under the musical influence of “Uncle Jim” and “Uncle Don”. Michael is now a Sgt. in the Metropolitan Police but much better Music Director and Worship Leader in his church. I have no doubt at all that the influence of you guys (and girls) from Living Sound played a great part in the direction bis life is now taking.
    I’m proud of him and of all of you who touched so many lives. Thank you!

  3. Tim denney says:

    awesome insight, Mr. Cole! Thank you for posting this !

    Tim Denney
    Columbus, Ohio

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