Celebrating 30,000 Views: My Top 10 Blogs

Yesterday my blog went over 30,000 views from over 120 countries. That’s amazing! That means that thousands of worship leaders, musicians and Christians from all over the world have spent time reading and learning. What a privilege! Thank you to all who took time to read this blog.

Here are my top 10 posts with links..

Top 10

10.  10 Ways To Improve Your Worship Team ~ Part 1 of 4: One of my strengths is helping worship team grow and improve. Here are some of the things I’ve learned.

9.  What An Amazing Healing!: I love personal testimonies of healing. They stir up faith for our own situations. This testimony of being healed from cerebral palsy is amazing!

8.  6 Keys To Learning A Musical Instrument: I love to play musical instruments. I’ve learned to play around a dozen so far. Here is what I’ve learned.

7.  10 Tips On Improving Your Worship Band Rehearsal: Rehearsals are the price you pay for doing music at a good level. Here’s are some tips to help you in planning your rehearsals.

6.  What I’ve Learned About Improving Your Singing: I’ve always considered myself to be more of an instrumentalist than a singer, so improving my singing has been very important to me. Here is what I’ve learned so far.

5.  What I Learned From Working With A Billionaire: This blog is on life and leadership lessons that I learned from working with one of Canada’s richest men.

4.  What I’ve Learned About Picking New Songs For Worship: Learning to pick great worship songs for your congregation is extremely important. Here is what I’ve learned so far.

3.  You Need More FAT People On Your Worship Team: This is a great title and teaching that I picked up from a fellow worship leader: Wisdom Moon. Check it out.

2.  Guidelines For A Strong Worship Team: Are you wondering if you should set up some guidelines and rules for your team? Here are some guidelines that have worked for me.

1.  8 Tips On Taking Your Sunday Morning Worship To The Next Level: We all want to improve our teams. Here is my most popular blog (over 3,000 views) on the subject. I think it will help you.

Check out my new book.. “Leading Worship ~ Notes from a Grand Adventure’ available in Kindle or Soft Cover Editions.  This is a great gift for the musician or worshipper in your life.

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