Does your church or worship team need some help to get to the next level? I am often called upon to consult with pastors, churches and worship teams to help them work through situations and improve.

I have consulted, led worship, conducted choirs, produced musicals, done seminars and helped churches and worship ministries all over the world for over 25 years. Can I be of service to your congregation? Is your team in leadership transition? Whatever the situation is, I am available for short and long-term situations.

Here is a recommendation from a pastor I recently assisted and consulted with:

‘Mark has led a worship department of 50 + creatives and served on our leadership team of 6.  All of these without exception have been with grace, strength, confidence and Christlike character.

We had Mark preach one week as well as consult on Organization Health and Human Resources. In each of these he did exceptionally well.

Mark has raised the professionalism in our leadership team with his diplomatic leadership style. He has been punctual, professional and always positive. I have really enjoyed working with him and learned much along the way.

I highly recommend Mark as a worship leader, teacher, team player, church consultant, equipper, music instructor and Worship Event Planner.’

Please check out my short bio on this blog and if you’d like to talk further please contact me at

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  1. Paul Vallee says:

    Your name was passed on to me by Dr. John Lucas. We are currently looking for a worship pastor at our church. I would love to chat with you as you probably could give me some leads as to who may be out there looking for a full time position.

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