Do You Trust God?

My life’s verse is Proverbs 3:5-6…


This passage is a powerful promise from God and has become one of the favorite Bible verses of millions of Christians around the world.

Here are the keys to that promise:

1. Trust God with all your heart: Examine your heart, are you trusting God with all you have? Is your trust in your skills, money, connections, education or family? Or, is your trust in God? As good as it is to develop your skills, your finances, education, friends and family; God is the source of all the good things in your life. He is the one who will open the doors to what will be the best for your life.

2. Lean not on your own understanding: This can be the toughest condition of the promise. Most of us love to have everything figured out. We love to make our plans and leave nothing to chance. It is good to use the wisdom that God gives but we need to allow God into the equation. He will use our talents and skills, but often in ways and situations that we never could have expected.

3. In all your ways acknowledge Him: The key word here is ‘all‘. Are you putting God first in every area of your life? Are you spending regular time in the Bible and prayer? Are you making fellowship with other believers a priority? Are you endeavoring to follow God’s ways in every area of your life? The first commandment is ‘to love the Lord with all your heart, mind, soul and strength‘. Is God first place in your life?

4. He will direct your paths: What a powerful promise! It says that God Himself will direct and make straight your way in life. Imagine having the Creator of the Universe opening up doors for you? Imagine the Eternal One being interested in what happens in your life next? That is so powerful!

Questions: Are you trusting God with all your heart? Or are you trying to figure everything out on your own? Are you acknowledging God in every area of your life?

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