Great Books That Can Change Your Life

Reading has always been a big part of my life. When I was a kid, I read over one hundred Hardy Boy books that were handed down to me by a friend. Later on, when I was travelling in a band, I was introduced to some great Christian classics through Terry Law, an evangelist who travelled with us.

In university, I was an English Minor and read many of the classic English novels and works of Shakespeare. I love reading. I have read through the Bible, itself a collection of 66 books, over thirty times in most of the major translations.

Great books

I have found that some books are good entertainment for the moment and some books stick with you throughout your life. Here is my top list of books that have influenced or remained with me to this day.

Knowing God ~ J.I. Packer
This is a Christian classic. Packer challenged me to really set my heart on knowing God. In this great book he really reveals the joy and wonder of knowing the Creator.

The Living Bible ~ Paraphrase by Kenneth N. Taylor
This is the first version of the Bible that I ever read cover to cover. I love it’s ease of reading. Taylor wrote this paraphrase so his kids could understand the Bible.

The Hobbit and the Lord of The Rings Trilogy ~ J.R. Tolkien
The battle between good and evil and the adventurous and brave spirit of Frodo is inspiring. These four books also translated into great movies.

The Screwtape Letters ~ C.S. Lewis
Lewis uses this classic and satirical book of a conversation between demons to teach us about the tricks of the devil.

Experiencing God ~ Henry T. Blackaby
This excellent book provides great insight into how God works in the hearts of people who seek Him. It was so good to recognize God’s own working in my life through this book.

Spiritual Authority ~ Watchman Nee
My first glimpse of how God sets up authority in His kingdom.

The Pursuit Of God ~ A.W. Tozer
I love Tozer’s passion for God. It inspires me.

The New International Version Bible
This is the second translation of the Bible that I read through. A great translation.

The Secret Kingdom ~ Pat Robertson
The parables of Jesus were explained to me in such real terms.

The Testament ~ John Grisham
I have read all of Grisham’s novels and his description of a personal conversion in this entertaining novel is inspiring.

Exploring Worship ~ Bob Sorge
I have worked with Bob on numerous occasions and his practical advice on church worship is foundational.

In His Steps ~ Charles M. Sheldon
A short Christian novel that has still got me asking, “What would Jesus do?”

Secrets Of The Secret Place ~ Bob Sorge
Getting to know God begins on our private times with God. Bob’s insight into seeking God rang true in my heart.

Just As I Am ~ Billy Graham
I got to work with Dr. Graham and I was fascinated to read the details of his life and ministry around the world.

Chronicles of Narnia ~ C.S. Lewis
I read this book series one summer when I was teaching in Taiwan. The books captivated and entertained me. I usually read one of these seven short books at a sitting.

Good To Great and Social Sectors ~ Jim Collins
I love Jim’s style of writing and insight into the business world.  These principles also translate well into the non-profit world.

Axiom ~ Bill Hybels
I got to visit Bill’s church in Chicago and I love his wisdom and insight into church culture and leadership.

The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People ~ Stephen R. Covey
This book helped me to exam my life and improve. I still go back and refer to this book as source material.

The New Living Translation Bible 
This is the translation of the Bible that I currently love reading. It is the translation that I recommend to people looking to read God’s word.

Question: What books have influenced and challenged you? What books have changed your life?

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  1. The Lord of the Rings is also one of my favorites. Like you, I’ve read the bible several times. I love Jack Whytes Camulod series. It’s my all time favorite trilogy. The Koran was also influential, since it allows me to understand that religion a little bit and contrast it with other religions, such as Christianity.

    I love reading.

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