Great C.S. Lewis Quotes

I’m a big C.S. Lewis fan. I have read many of his major works: The 7 book series, ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, ‘Mere Christianity’, ‘The Screwtape Letters’, ‘Great Divorce’ and his space trilogy: ‘Out Of The Silent Planet’, ‘Perelandra’, and ‘That Hideous Strength’.

For the few that might not know C.S. Lewis, he was a professor at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities and he became a Christian at 32 years of age. He was a good friend of J.R. Tolkien (Lord of the Rings) and he was a novelist, poet, academic, medievalist, literary critic, essayist, lay theologian, broadcaster, lecturer, and Christian apologist who died in 1963.

Here are some of my favorite C.S. Lewis quotes:

I believe Son of God Humility Importance Low points Needs trust Jesus Never to old Aim at heaven Take the whole of you Success Feelings come and go Silly prayers Relying on God Bad men ignore God God forgives Shouts in our pain Dirty telescope Devil is a liar Dependent Changes Love Pure in heart Thirst The sun looks down Forgivness Happiness and peace Thy Will Be Done

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