I Am Thankful For Great Parents!

I was just looking at the Cole-Preston’s annual Christmas picture this week. There in the front sits Mom & Dad Preston (Ron and Margaret). What great parents! What faithful and godly people.

Mom & Dad Preston

My mom became a widow with four small children when she was twenty-nine years old. My father, ‘Bud’ (David Gordon) Cole was killed in an industrial accident. My mother met Ron Preston around a year later. Dad Preston had two small children (Lorna and Kevin) from his previous marriage.

Soon after Mom met Dad, we were told that he owned a Dairy Queen. For me, as a thirteen year old kid, that was pretty awesome! Free ice-cream and hamburgers! Besides that, Ron Preston was a really nice guy!

Mom and Dad married soon after that and the Cole-Preston clan became us six rambunctious kids. I have to take my hat off to Dad. To take on a new wife with four kids is no small undertaking. But Dad was a gem.

My Mom is not shy to take on challenges either. That year, she took all six of us by train across Canada to visit some relatives in Ottawa. I can still remember sneaking some of her great cinnamon buns from above her seat in the middle of the night!

Now, when I think about all my parents went through raising the six of us, I realize what great people they are. They were both hard workers but we all spent time with them. They taught all of us the value of hard work. I spent most of my Saturdays and summers growing up, working alongside my parents in the Dairy Queen. Working in the fast food industry will teach you how to hustle!

Family dinners were always a zoo: there were eight of us around the table, laughing, telling stories, gobbling up the food. You had to be fast or the food was gone! And the family bird, dog and neighbourhood kids where always welcome.

When it came to discipline, Dad was the softy and Mom was the disciplinarian. I am sure it was not easy raising all six of us in a blended family, but they must have done something right! All of us, Cherry, Les, Lorna, Kevin, Shawn and myself, all are still following Jesus. That’s probably the greatest compliment that I can give to any parent.

So Mom and Dad. I love you. You have loved me, supported me and prayed for me all these years. Thank you! You are awesome parents!

 I am thankful for great parents!

Your family is not always going to be there. God is counting on you to take care of His most prized possessions. They’re not ordinary. They are extremely valuable. Don’t take them for granted. ~ Joel Osteen

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