It Is A Privilege To Lead Worship!

One of the greatest privileges that I have is leading people to God, through worship, every Sunday morning. I spent ten years travelling around the world leading worship, but there is something quite special about working with a local team of musicians and your own local congregation on a weekly basis.

Sun AM Worship

I grew up in a great worshipping church. As a kid in the congregation, I loved singing with the musicians and singers that called our church home. I loved to sing to the One who had forgiven all my sins. I loved to clap my hands and raise my hands in abandon to the Lord.

When I was old enough, I started playing in our church band. That was a bit intimidating at first, but as I got better, it became fun.

Worshipping God on my instrument was also a very private practice that I did in the basement of my home. I would sit down at the piano and play for hours. I loved playing to the Lord. I still love sensing His Presence as I spend time playing before Him.

As a musician, the Bible character David is the one that I most relate to. I can relate to the hours that he spent playing his music before the Lord. I can relate to him spending time writing songs to the Lord. I can relate to him organizing musicians for worship. I can relate to his love of the outdoors and animals. I can also relate to his sense of adventure. I love to climb mountains and hike in the wilderness.

I can also relate to David’s weaknesses. I really appreciate how God gives us all the warts and failures of the great men and woman of the Bible. It makes them so relatable. The Bible does not put them on a pedestal. I also love David’s repentant heart. When confronted with his mistakes he wrote: “Create in my a clean heart… cast me not from Your presence, O Lord”. When I have made my own mistakes, David’s words have rung true for me.

To be able to train a group of young musicians to be passionate worshippers and musicians is a challenge. A challenge that I love. To see them grow up in the Lord, develop their talents and leadership abilities, and then go on to lead their own congregations is an amazing thing.

I have been leading worship for almost thirty years now. For me, it never gets old. To see God’s faithfulness, to be able to sing great new songs of worship, to be able to lead people to encounter the living God on a weekly basis, is priceless.

I love what the Bible says in II Chronicles 29:11 NLT, ‘The Lord has chosen you to stand in His presence, to minister to Him, and to lead the people in worship.

It is a privilege to lead worship!

Question: Have you ever had the opportunity to lead people in worship? What did you learn from the experience?

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    Awesome! Great Post.

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