Learning To Lead

For the first ten of years of full time music ministry I was very content to be the guy who was behind the scenes. When I first started, I played in the band and later on I wrote the music and directed… but I wasn’t the front person. I was happy to just play my instrument, write the charts and direct the rehearsals.

Learning to lead worship

When I turned thirty, God opened the door for me to lead worship. I was glad that He had slowly prepared me for being up front. It takes a good level of experience and maturity to lead God’s people.

That was almost 30 years ago and I’m still learning about leading God’s people in worship. I’m constantly reminded about having my heart in the right place. I’m reminded to do my homework and memorize the songs so I can get past the music and worship God.  

I’m reminded about having clean hands and a pure heart so that I don’t get in the way of what God wants to do. I like what Brandon Dempsey recently said “God is more interested in the sound of your heart, than the sound of your instrument or voice.”

I’m constantly reminded about what a privilege it is to lead people to God through music every service. I’m reminded not to just lead songs, but to lead people to God. God always needs to be the main focus.

I am still learning and God is such a patient teacher. I hope I never stop learning.

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