My Mom’s Christmas Miracle

Recently my 78 year old mother, Margaret Preston, flew to Calgary to celebrate my birthday. After she heard my ‘Do You Believe In Angels?’ story…. here’s the story she told me!

snowy winter forest

When my mom was 6 years old, her family lived in Kelowna. She and her 12 year old brother, Walter, were out in the woods on a small mountain looking for holly when they got separated from the people they were walking with. They got thoroughly lost and as it was getting dark, they both knelt by a rock in the forest and prayed. 

When they got up from their prayer, they were in a completely different place. They now had a view of the Okanagan Lake and they knew their way home from there. My mother never saw any angels but she knows something supernatural happened during their prayer time. She and her brother still remind each other of the story. It has had an impact on their entire lives.

Her story reminded me of Philip being supernaturally transported in the Book of Acts.

After the baptism, the Spirit of the Lord snatched Philip away. The eunuch never saw him again but went on his way rejoicing. Meanwhile, Philip found himself farther north at the town of Azotus. He preached the Good News there and in every town along the way… Acts 8:39-40 NLT

Question: Have you ever had a supernatural encounter? Have you ever felt God’s protection?

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