The Lord Has Chosen You

I love this message to the priests in charge of worship:

The Lord has chosen you to stand in His presence,
to minister to Him, and to lead the people in worship
and present offerings to Him. ~ II Chronicles 29:11


If you are leading worship in your congregation on a regular basis, chances are it is because God has chosen you for that role. He has given you the skill and desire to do the job. So keep growing, keep learning, keep seeking the Lord. It is a sacred calling. Don’t take it lightly. How we lead, the songs we chose and the teams and musicians we develop have a huge impact on our churches.

But, keep your priorities right. Our first priority is to minister to the Lord: to lift our personal worship to the King of Kings, to live a life worthy of His calling. Never neglect your personal worship times. Spend time reading your Bible and spend time worshiping the Lord in your personal times with Him.

It is a high privilege to lead our congregations in praise and worship to the Lord. Let us never take it lightly.

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