What I’ve Learned About Surrender

When I was 18 years old, I was in my second year of studying music at the University of British Columbia. I loved music but I was struggling with the demands of long practise times and studies and I reluctantly decided to quit university. I had lost my focus and purpose for studying music.


I wasn’t sure what I would do next, so I prayed and fasted and then started to apply for jobs that would work for my math skills. I applied for banking, accounting, brokerage and a host of other jobs. And much to my surprise, a number of places offered me a job. But, I never started the jobs because before I started one job, another better offer would come along.

A few weeks into this process, on a Wednesday night in November, a Christian band called Living Sound came and played at my church. That night, when their speaker Terry Law preached, I was challenged to surrender my whole life to God. God broke down my fears and reluctance to follow Him wholeheartedly and I responded to the message.

You have to understand that initially I was afraid of giving my whole life to God. I had an aunt who spent most of her single life in Africa and I didn’t want to be a single missionary. (The old song: “Lord, Please Don’t Send Me To Africa’ comes to mind) But when God speaks to you, suddenly your fears disappear. I have found that God usually asks me to come to a place of surrender to my own will and desires before He begins to use me in new ways.

So the next day I auditioned for Living Sound, and one day later, they asked if I would join their Team II in Seattle on the next Monday. I would need a passport and $1300 to help pay my airfare for 5 months travelling in Asia. I didn’t have a passport or $1300 but God made a way that weekend and by Monday I had the passport and finances in place.

For the next two and a half years, I travelled with Living Sound throughout Asia, North America, Europe, Poland, Southern Africa and Israel. We saw over 100,000 people come to the Lord all over the world. I also got to work with some of the top ministries of that time and learn hands-on ministry in real-life ministry situations. I never got to attend Bible school but I could not have asked for a better introduction to full-time ministry. When I finished touring with that ministry, I had regained my passion and purpose for music. Soon after that, I went back and finished my music degree in preparation for what God would do next.

This last November marked 40 years since I went into full-time music ministry. I have now travelled to over 65 countries and seen over 250,000 people make a decision for the Lord overseas and at home. Totally surrendering to God was the first step on my great adventure of following God.

Surrendering to God and following Him with your whole heart is exciting. Have you ever surrendered everything to God? Is God speaking to you about surrender? Passionately following and loving God is the most powerful way to live your life. God can do more with your life than you ever could imagine!

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