Worship Singers: What Is Your Role?

By Branon Dempsey

Singers: what is your role? If you think your job is to deliver the message of the song in a way that inspires the church to worship, then you’re right.

Live the lyrics you're singing

Our job is to help lift up the spirits of those in the Body. No, the church does not depend on the worship team solely, our job is to help point them to the Holy Spirit. He is the real Worship Leader, as we are the facilitators.

In order to do things well, there are a few points that may seem obvious, but are often overlooked:

– Be sure to hear yourself sing – get the right mix and do hoard the monitor volume
– Work with your sound engineer and trust them
– Check if you are singing in key with the band
– Make sure you enunciate and keep syllables clear
– Sing in time / in rhythm with the band / lead instrument or drummer
– Match the energy of the song to the dynamics of your voice
– Mesh well / blend to the other singers
– Support the lead vocals – don’t get in the way
– Maintain proper phrasing and breath to each lyrical line

Most importantly, be filled with the song’s emotion, be filled with the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

Sing what the lyrics are saying and pray what the Spirit is stirring. To each song of worship we lead, we are to biblically live the music we sing.

One idea to help you sing with confidence, conviction as well as to memorize the words is to speak them first. When you spend time reading the lyrics, especially out loud, something awesome happens.

Looking at the lyrics before you sing is a powerful tool. You see and feel the writers intent. At the same time, your mind is pointed to certain words that connect your heart.

The optimum aim for the worship leader and vocal team is to connect the message of the song to the church. When the Bride of Christ is led by the clarity of words and music, worship can take on a brand new experience.

“Sing to the Lord, praise His name; proclaim His salvation day after day.” (Psalm 96:2)

Live the lyrics you’re singing, and sing what you are living in Christ.

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