Check out my new book: ‘Leading Worship: Notes from a Grand Adventure‘. This is a great gift for the musician or worshipper in your life! Pick up the Kindle version for only $3.99 and the paper back for only $13.30.


I am honored to recommend this book to Worship Ministers, Pastors and worshippers of all denominations and generations. It is one of those “must-read” titles that will prove to be an invaluable resource for your worship personnel, time and time again. Good for you, Mark … this is an excellent read!

~ Vivien Hibbert; co-founder of The Worship Arts Conservatory, author, musician, speaker, Worship minister.

God has given Mark amazing experiences to share, from the mountain tops to the valleys – literally and figuratively. When you read these stories and sense his heart, you’ll be inspired to dream again. Breathe in the fresh air of your own adventure, and live out a life of worship in spirit and truth.

~ Ryan Dahl; CEO of PraiseCharts

You will learn about a true heart of worship through Mark’s quest for excellence in purity of heart, and his exceptional transparency as a man in search of the very presence of God – This book is an invaluable tool for any budding or experienced Worship Leader.

~ Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson; co-host for The 700 Club Canada

Mark’s 40-plus years of experience has enabled him to provide us with wisdom and understanding regarding worship. It is practical, it is clear, it is real…. Mark is passing the baton of his calling to you. Like Mark, may this book help you to run with the baton of your calling to your generation.

~ Howard Rachinski; Founder and Chairman/CEO of Christian Copyright Licensing International, Inc. (CCLI)

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For the story behind the book.. check out below

This last May I started writing stories of my life and ministry on Facebook and that grew into a blog: “Following God: Notes From A Great Adventure” @  It was an unusual experience… I felt compelled to write every morning for months..

A few months into the process, I got a message from Jeanne Halsey that said, “I didn’t get the memo that you were writing a book”. I responded that “it didn’t start out as a book but I began to realize that there were probably possibilities for a couple of books from the blog.”

Jeanne (who is a very experienced ghost writer and editor) then kindly asked if she could help me turn my blog into a book. From that quick conversation (and many emails) has emerged a book that I’m very proud of and I hope will become a real blessing for worship leaders and teams around the world: “Leading Worship: Notes From A Grand Adventure”

I want to thank Howard Rachinski (CEO of CCLI) for writing the Forward, my son-in-law, Ryan Iverson for designing the cover and, of course, Jeanne Halsey for all her work in making this into a book.

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  1. plaxedes says:

    really learning a lot from your notes.. God bless you

  2. Mahelia says:

    Thank you for being generous in sharing your experiences as a worship leader …. we learn a lot from your notes.
    God bless your life more and more.

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