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I love when my readers share their own stories: In response to my ‘Do You Believe In Angels? blog, here is an angel story from my friend, Linda Forstved.


Linda: I have an Angel story! My car had broken down in traffic when my boys were small. So I was sitting in the car with them, not really knowing what to do. And because we were blocking traffic, there were people swearing and cursing at me.

I asked the boys to pray with me. Right after we prayed, I noticed a very plain looking man at the side of the road. He just stood there and watched me.

I made a call to my father, who at the time was living a couple of miles from where I was. He agreed to come and help. I sat in the car waiting for my dad as more people honked and cursed us.

Now this part of my story is strange, but it really happened. The man went to a English style phone booth and made a call….within 5 seconds a man pulled up behind my car and told me to pop the lid. He also told me he was a mechanic . A tow truck came by and told me he was on his way home and thought I could use the help. The mechanic and tow truck driver looked into the engine.

Then I saw the man that had watched me and made the call from the phone booth… he walked over and looked into the engine with the other men. He didn’t talk to them at all…. Then he walked over to the mechanics car and got into the passenger side of the car.

The mechanic came over and talked to me and I asked if someone had phoned him to help me. He told me he was just driving by and that he didn’t usually go this way. He also told me how lucky I was. The tow truck driver told me the same story. He was on his way home and never went that way.

By the time my father came to help, everything was taken care of. The next day my husband, David, went to pick my car up from the garage and asked about the man that had called and sat in his passenger seat. The mechanic told David that he was on his way home and nobody phoned him and he was alone. Nobody had been in his car!

Now remember I told you about the English phone booth. A few days later David and I drove by the same spot so I could show him where I had broken down and also to show him the phone booth. The phone booth was gone!!!

When I talked about the unidentified man with my boys, they told me they had seen him as well.

I believe the man was an angel watching over us. I’m not sure why he was there, but having that experience has been a topic of conversation many times. And, I feel cared for and know that God cares about all our problems big and small.

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