Do You Have The Right Skills?

I have been reading through the Bible daily for over 30 years, so I love it when I see something for the first time. Recently I saw some art work with a passage from Ephesians.

“We are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”

God's Workmanship

That is so powerful. Here I am, with all my imperfections, and the Bible calls me ‘God’s handiwork’. For me, it is a call to see myself as God sees me. It’s a call to see myself as uniquely made by God to do the tasks that He prepared in advance for me to do.

God designed me from my mother’s womb to do what He’s been calling me to do all these years. He knew the people, music, churches and countries that I would be involved with. He knew what skills and temperament that I needed to accomplish the work that He set out for me. He purposefully designed me for the special tasks that He has called me to. That is amazing!

That line, ‘created in Christ Jesus‘, challenges me. It is Jesus in us that makes us new. It is Jesus in us that gives us the power to do the good works that God has called us to. That makes me want to get out of God’s way and let Jesus live through me.

I am still a clay sculpture on the potters wheel, but I am so thankful for how God created me. I am so thankful for the good works that He has called me to do. It has been an exciting adventure so far but I am still looking forward to see what other ‘good works‘ God has prepared in advance for me to do!

Question: Do you realize that you are God’s handiwork? Do you realize that you have been created anew in Christ Jesus to accomplish specific good works? Do you trust God to use you in spite of your perceived imperfections and limitations?

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