Do You Like Contemporary Worship Music?

 I recently had an online conversation with an old friend (and very good musician) about today’s worship music. He doesn’t like it and is not crazy about the guitars taking over. He went on to say that because of the music he rarely attends church anymore.

He also sent me a link from a blog that reflected his opinion:  My Journey Away From Contemporary Worship Music


Here is my reply:

Thanks for sending the article.. it’s an interesting topic…

From my perspective… people tend to like the music and songs that were popular when they were in their teens and twenties.

That article praises some of the hymns. The hymns that we use are the ones that have survived. Those hymns are usually the best of the best that have survived. There were lousy hymns that were written and didn’t survive, just the same as there are lousy contemporary songs that are written today and won’t survive.

For me, it’s not whether a song is old or new… just that it is well written and still causes our hearts to worship God. There are still great songs that are being written today; one just has to search them out.

As per the style of songs.. frankly.. I want to see the church use music that relates to my kids and grandkids. I don’t need the church to serve my preference in music. I want them to use the music that causes the current younger generation to lift their hearts to God.

My desire is to be one that supports churches by serving the next generation. For me, that is regular Sunday participation. Some Sundays I am leading contemporary worship songs on guitar and some Sundays I am playing keys for guitar players.

And when I’m not playing or leading, I’m helping set up and serving in whatever way I can. It’s all about serving, not merely being served. I want to be one of those people who is always found in the house of God, worshiping the Lord and loving and serving people.

Question: What do you think about this topic? Can you still worship God when the style of song is not your favourite? Have you lost your desire to serve? If so, why?

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