My Friends Rock!

I am thankful for friends. My wife, Anna, and I have been blessed to have many long term friends. Recently a friend of almost thirty years invited us over for dinner. He just wanted to serve us. In his words, ‘You have served so many others, now I just want to serve you.’ Every time we have gone through a rough time, he has been there to be a friend.

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We have gone house-boating and sailing with friends, hiked with friends, enjoyed many a fine meal with great friends, gone to the movies, taken overseas vacations and on and on. Friendship really is the fine wine of life.

Solomon said, ‘A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.’ In life, we will all go through times that are rough. It is great to have friends that will be there to support you when life goes sideways. It is great to have friends who will love and support you, no matter what.

It is also great when your children and family become your friends! Anna and I are blessed! It is great to have friends!

So Lord, thank You for giving us so many great friends. Thank You for their love, their concern and the many fun times we have shared. And I thank You, Lord. that you have been my closest friend from my youth. I could not have asked for anyone so true!

Some come and leave, fulfilling a single purpose; others, for a time or a season to teach us by sharing their experiences; and last, a select few who participate forever with relationships that endure through eternity.” ~ Jaren L. Davis

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