Does Jesus Still Heal People?

In 2005 I was constantly travelling.. every other week I was on a plane to somewhere in the world to lead worship. This also involved playing piano for 4-6 hours a day. Finally, I developed carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist… playing the piano became painful.


One evening, the evangelist that I was working with, Charles Ndifon, had a word of knowledge (God spoke to him) that someone was getting healed of carpal tunnel syndrome. I was standing about 6 feet away playing the piano.. and in my heart I was saying.. ‘I sure wish that was me because my wrist really hurts right now’.

I played the rest of the evening in pain and didn’t think much more about it. But, in the morning I woke up and the pain wasn’t there… and it never came back. Even though I continued to play piano for 4-6 hours a day.. I’ve never had a trace of pain from my wrists again..

Jesus is my healer

Question: Have you ever been healed? Can you share your story?

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  1. Funny how we write ourselves off from God’s grace when we are serving in His kingdom…

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