Can God Really See What I Am Doing?

I remember sitting in a conference many years ago and hearing a preacher talk about a verse from II Chronicles 16:9..

‘The eyes of the LORD search the whole earth in order to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him.’

It was a fascinating sermon. It is so cool that God is looking for men and women that are totally committed to Him. God is looking for people to support and strengthen.


I have always been aware that God watches over me. I have always had a sense of God awareness. When I was a young boy I was helping my father build church pews for our new church when I accidentally put my right arm down on a running wood planer. It could have easily severed my tendons but the sweater I was wearing jammed the machine and I didn’t get a scratch… God’s angels were watching over me.

A few years later when I was twelve years old, my father was killed in an industrial accident. I remember the utter shock when my Grandma Cole came to the house and told us he was gone. I remember the days of tears and bewilderment. Yet I always knew that God was watching over me.

That did not mean that I was always perfect. God has always been so patient with me. When I did stupid things, God would find a way to correct me and bring me back into line.

When I was going through hard times, my piano was my place to spend time with God. I would sit there late into the evening in the basement of my parents home and play for hours. I guess in some ways, it was like David playing his harp to the Lord. I have noticed lately that many of David’s best psalms were written when he was going through a terrible time. I have also found that some of my best songs have come when I am going through a rough patch.

I have also learned that it is not only God who watches us but other people also. I remember after one very busy Easter season, when I had put in long hours producing an Easter musical, I was sitting on an airplane going to a conference and just catching up on my Bible reading. I was trying to get back on track with my ‘Read Thru The Bible In A Year’ plan. Little did I know that there was a pastor sitting a few rows behind me on the airplane. He had recognized me, but Pastor Johnson had decided not to let me know he and his wife were there. He had decided to just watch what I was doing. Fortunately, all I did was read my Bible. He later told my pastor, Don Cantelon, what he had observed. I got some undeserved brownie points that day.

During all my travels (over 65 countries at this point), I have always been aware that God has been watching over me, that God was there to strengthen me. Through all the weird twists and turns of my life, I have always had an abiding sense that God was there. That I should not worry. That God was with me.

Question: Are you aware that God watches over you? What behaviour would you change if you became more aware of God’s watchful oversight?

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