Bible Reading Challenge

Studies have shown that the single most powerful catalyst of people’s spiritual growth is personal Bible study and reflection. Getting our minds and hearts into God’s Word changes us! I know that it has changed me! Do you want to be better this next year than last? Then take this challenge with me!

The Bible

The Passion: To pursue God.

The Challenge: To read through God’s Word

1. Big Goal: Read the Whole Bible Chronologically in a Year

Read in both the Old and New Testament (New Living Translation) each day.

Bible Reading Plan — the Bible Chronologically #2

Option: Add one Psalm and One Proverb to your daily reading (Billy Graham suggestion)

2. Smaller Goal: Read the New Testament, Proverbs & Psalms in One Year

New Testament Bible Reading Plan — 2 Chapters A Day

The Result: Changed lives as we hear and apply what God reveals to us.

Three Options:

  1. Daily reading sent by email every morning with links to Just add your email at the bottom of this link.  1. Whole Bible NLT Chronologically or 2. New Testament/Psalms/Proverbs
  2. A Bible reading guide that you check off daily and use with your own Bible: Just print off this page.
  3. Buy your own NLT Chronological Bible from Amazon to read from.

If you are looking for some other Bible reading options, check out the Top 10 Bible Reading Plans of 2015.

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