The Bucket List

I love adventure. I love having new mountains to conquer and new experiences to enjoy. Last summer I headed off on a new adventure. I bicycled 320 km through the Canadian Rockies with an old friend of mine, Thomas Hall. Tom and I travelled together for five months throughout Asia when we were in the Christian band, Living Sound. (You can check out his adventure of cycling from the Arctic Ocean on his blog or Facebook)


I packed my road bicycle into a cardboard box and took a bus up to Jasper, Alberta. Then Tuesday, Tom and I rode 107 km to the Columbia Icefields and tented there for the night. On Wednesday we rode 127 km to Lake Louise. And on Thursday I biked 85 km to Canmore while Tom headed south to his home in Montana. It was challenging but I loved it. Another great adventure for my ‘Bucket List’.

Speaking of my ‘Bucket List’. Here is my rather long list of what I have crossed off so far and some exciting adventures that I still want to do. I have done around 75% of the list but it keeps growing. My prayer is that God will give me great health, favour and finances so I can complete the rest of the list over the next 20-40 years. All things are possible!

* already done

  1. Write at top #100 CCLI worship song (top 2000 so far)
  2. Write and publish a book. *2014 ~ Leading Worship: Notes From A Grand Adventure
  3. Ride an elephant* 2010 in Thailand
  4. Ride in a hot air balloon
  5. Visit 100 countries (67 so far)
  6. Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa (19,340 ft.)
  7. Climb Mt. Fuji, Japan (12,388 ft)
  8. Mediterranean Cruise (Istanbul-Egypt)
  9. Lead worship playing electric guitar* 2010
  10. Personally see over million people come to Jesus (over 350,00 so far)
  11. Celebrate my 65th wedding anniversary with Anna (34th anniversary so far)
  12. Personally hold all my grandchildren & great-grandchildren in my arms. (2 so far)
  13. Live to 100 years old. (Live a healthy lifestyle)
  14. Visit the Pyramids (Egypt)
  15. Visit the ‘Taj Mahal’ (India)
  16. Walk the ‘Great Wall Of China’
  17. Get my scuba diving certification (I have dived twice but no certificate yet)
  18. Ride in a glider
  19. Walk up the Eiffel Tower (Paris)* 2002
  20. Go to the top of the Empire State Building, (NY)* 2004
  21. Walk thru Stonehenge* (England) 1974
  22. Ride a gondola in Venice* 1993
  23. Bungee jump off a bridge* (Nanaimo, BC) 1985
  24. Skydive* (South Africa & Oklahoma) 1975
  25. Drive a dogsled team* (Canmore, AB) 2008
  26. Barefoot water ski* (Lake Samish, WA) 1978
  27. Jog ‘Cinque Terra’ Italy* (approx. 13 Km) 2006
  28. Ride a camel* (Mombasa, Kenya) 1988
  29. Finish an Sprint Triathlon*- Calgary 2010
  30. Captain a sailboat in the Caribbean* (British Virgin Islands) 1988
  31. Visit all 50 US States* (finished 1984)
  32. Visit all 10 Canadian provinces and 3 territories (6 Prov. & 1 Ter. so far)
  33. Go to the Montreal Jazz Festival* 1984, 2015
  34. Take a band and play Christian music in Red China
  35. Climb the dome of St. Paul’s (London)* 1980
  36. Visit Edinburgh Castle (Scotland)* 2005
  37. Scuba dive in Hawaii* 1985
  38. Take my kids to Disneyland & Disney World* 1992 & 1998
  39. Visit the Smithsonian* (Washington, D.C.) 1975
  40. Take an Alaskan cruise
  41. Go on safari in Africa* (3 x’s so far-Kenya & South Africa) 1975, 1987, 1989
  42. Play on a radio show* (Taiwan) 1978
  43. Pilot an airplane* (Vancouver) 1985
  44. Ride in a submarine* (Barbados) 2008
  45. Personally see a real miracle*(Copenhagen, Den.) 2001
  46. Cruise the Atlantic* (Southampton, England to Cape Town, SA) 1974
  47. Visit the source of the Nile* (Lake Victoria, Uganda) 2001
  48. Snow ski in Switzerland* 2005
  49. Drive a snowmobile* (Whistler, BC) 2004
  50. Read the whole Bible every year* (37 x’s so far)
  51. Go to the top of the CN Tower (Toronto)* 2011
  52. Body surf in South Africa* 1975
  53. Cruise in the Caribbean* 2008, 2013, 2014
  54. Cruise the Mexican Riviera* (LA-Puerto Vallarta 10th Anniversary) 1993
  55. Surf in Hawaii* 1970
  56. See the ‘Statue of David’* (Florence, Italy) 1988
  57. See the ‘Mona Lisa’ in Paris* 1980
  58. Swim in the volcanic hot pools of Iceland* (Blue Lagoon) 2004
  59. Take a train across Canada* (Vancouver-Ottawa) 1967
  60. Climb Table Mountain* (Cape Town, SA) 1975
  61. Visit the “Christ The Redeemer’ statue* (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil) 1987
  62. Take ballroom dancing lessons with my wife* 2003
  63. Climb Cascade Mountain, Banff* (2998 metres-9835 ft) 2007
  64. Visit Red Square (Moscow)
  65. Visit St Petersburg (Russia)
  66. Cruise the Panama Canal
  67. Visit all 7 continents (only Antarctic left)
  68. Snow ski in the Canadian Rockies* (Banff, Lake Louise & Whistler) 1970-to present
  69. Do the STP Bicycle Ride – 325 km (Seattle-Portland)
  70. Do a 40 day fast* Vancouver & Philippines 1992
  71. Jog around the Old City of Jerusalem* 1984
  72. Ride a cable car in San Francisco* 1970
  73. Get a Bachelor of Music Degree* (UBC) 1979
  74. Cliff dive* (Puerto Vallarta, Mexico & Hot Springs, AR) 1974
  75. Houseboat* (Shuswap Lakes, BC) 1990-1995
  76. Do an overnight cross-country ski trip* (3x’s:Banff, Bow Hut, Asulkan Hut) 2007-10
  77. Dine on a floating restaurant in Hong Kong* 1978
  78. Record my own CD* (6 so far)
  79. Hike the West Coast Trail* (Vancouver Island, BC) 2010
  80. Hike the San Juan Trail* (Vancouver Island, BC) 1999
  81. Ride a hovercraft across the English Channel* 1981
  82. Take a train thru the Chunnel (France-England)
  83. Visit the top 25 major capitals of Europe (20 so far)(Prague, Budapest, Dublin, Moscow, Lisbon left)
  84. Snowboard* (Switzerland & British Columbia) 2005-2007
  85. Paraglide behind a boat* (Florida) 1974
  86. Hike the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim:
  87. Sell over one million dollars of music* (musical arrangements, songs & CD’s)
  88. Dance the ‘Hora’ in an Israeli Kibbutz* 1975
  89. Hike ‘Machu Picchu’ (Peru)
  90. Visit ‘Petra’ (Jordan)
  91. Go to the base camp of ‘Mount Everest’
  92. Scuba dive on the Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
  93. Watch an outdoor opera in Verona, Italy* (twice so far) 1993
  94. See the ‘Aurora Borealis’ (Northern Lights) in northern Canada
  95. Go to Churchill, Manitoba to see the polar bear migration.
  96. See the ‘Leaning Tower of Pisa’* (Italy) 2003
  97. Get a Master’s Degree
  98. Climb the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica (Rome)* 2001
  99. Hike the Chilkoot Trail in Alaska & Yukon (5 days)* 2012
  100. Write a sound track for a movie (I’ve done a couple of TV shows)
  101. Do a motorcycle trip* (mountains of Taiwan) 1978
  102. Fly around the world (London, Nairobi, Calcutta, Bangkok, Taipei, Hong Kong, Vancouver) *1992
  103. See an opera in the Sydney Opera House* 2004
  104. Go Caving. * (Cango Caves: South Africa 1975)
  105. Climb Temple Mountain, Lake Louise* 3543 m (11624 ft) 2011
  106. Ride a gondola in Venice:*2000
  107. Take my grandkids on a camping trip.
  108. Take a carriage ride thru the old city of Rome* 2007
  109. Do the ‘Grouse Grind‘ (YVR) in under 60 min* 2010
  110. Go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto* 2010
  111. Visit the Tower of London* 2005
  112. Bike the Lachine Canal in Montreal* 2011
  113. Learn Italian (be able to converse)
  114. Perform at the 100th Anniv of the Calgary Stampede*2012
  115. Become a ‘C’ level Squash player (currently D+)
  116. Become a 4.0 Tennis player* 2014
  117. Bicycle from Jasper to Canmore: 320 km* 2014
  118. Attend an outdoor opera in Taormina, Sicily* 2015

and any other adventures that God brings my way..

The most beautiful adventures are not those we go to seek” ~ Robert Louis Stevenson

Jesus ~ “Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.. and all these things will be added you.”

Jesus ~ “I have come that they may have life, and have it abundantly.”

Question: Do you have a bucket list? What adventures are still looking forward to?

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