Can God Touch A Nation?

In February 2000, I left home for a week to lead worship for Charles Ndifon in Copenhagen, Denmark at ‘Kirken i Kulturcenteret’ (CPH Christian Center).

Charles had been in Denmark the year before and had ministered to a small college group in the Danish town of Ringkobing. At that same time, a Danish TV show was doing a series on spiritualism and when they heard that someone with a healing ministry was coming to Denmark, they wanted to do a test. They found a sick man named Roger. Roger had been in an accident and it had messed up his vision. The TV produces took Roger to a doctor’s and got an official report on him, which they recorded on camera.

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The TV show then took Roger to the meetings and asked Charles to pray for him. Charles told them to have Roger (who wasn’t a Christian) sit in the meeting and let God do what He would.

During the meeting Roger received Jesus as his Saviour. Later in the meeting when Charles was doing a general prayer for healing, Roger was miraculous healed and his vision totally restored. All of this was captured by the TV crew. From this, a TV show was produced that showed a bona fide miracle that was documented by a doctor and filmed by a secular TV crew. Wow!!

Before we arrived in Copenhagen, this TV show was shown to the nation of Denmark. The Danish people realized that God still heals people!

We had two meetings per day during that first week in Copenhagen. I vividly remember that first meeting. The church was filled to overflow with around 1800 people and when the invitation to receive Jesus in their life was given.. 80% of the people in the room put up their hands. I had never seen anything like that in my life! By the end of the week over 15,000 people indicated that they wanted to know Jesus. Double wow!!

Copenhagen, Denmark

When we left Denmark at the end of that week, the church there was in a bit of panic because over 4000 people had signed up for the Alpha program (a twelve week dinner program that introduced people to Christianity) and they had no idea how they would handle that many people. (That’s a good problem to have!)

After that, we were invited to come to Denmark many times each year for several years. The secular press estimated that over 75,000 people made decisions for Jesus in the next few years. (I believe there were many more!)

If you would like to read more about this amazing time, check out the book: The God Of Miracles by Henri Nissen. It is a book on many of the miracles we saw during those extraordinary times! I was blessed to have proofread it before it was published. The stories are amazing and true!

God can touch a nation

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