My Favourite Music Gigs So Far ~ Part 1 of 2

Here are the first six of twelve musical highlights from my travels around the world. I thank God for opening the door for me to do these very special gigs!

1. Charles Ndifon Meetings ~ Copenhagen, Denmark

In that week of meetings we saw over 15,000 people raise their hands to know Jesus. For me, this started a seven year around-the-world journey of seeing healings, miracles and tens of thousands of people accepting Jesus. (see my blog: ‘Can God Can Touch A Nation?’)

Copenhagen, Denmark

2. Living Sound Poland Meetings ~ Warsaw to Krakow, Poland

In those three and half weeks of meetings in huge Catholic cathedrals all over Poland, our band of young college students saw over 18,000 people accept Jesus. On this trip we met the man who would later become Pope John Paul II and that lead to the team playing at the Vatican a few years later. (see my blog: ‘My Wild Dream’)

03151201 cathedral

 3. Conference On The Holy Spirit ~ Jerusalem & Tel Aviv, Israel

This was my first time visiting Israel. Our Living Sound team got to work with one of the most well-known healing ministries of that day, Kathryn Kuhlman. We also did the music for her meetings in both Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. And then to top it off, we got to do sightseeing tours around Israel, which is one of life’s great experiences. Getting to meet Miss Kuhlman, playing at the meetings and then touring around Israel were all incredible experiences.

Living Sound at the ‘Dome Of The Rock’ ~ Jerusalem


4. Billy Graham Crusade ~ Vancouver, Canada

I was extremely blessed to be the Chairman of Music for the Billy Graham Crusade in Vancouver, Canada. On the closing night of the crusade there were over 65,000 people in B.C. Place Stadium and over 3000 responded to the invitation. I learned so much working with this highly organized, extremely dedicated team of men and woman. (see my blog: ‘I Got To Hang Out With Billy Graham’)

Graham Crusade

5. Calgary Stampede ~ Calgary, Canada

I was asked to be the musical arranger and conductor for a large production number of ‘O Canada’ for the nightly Calgary Stampede Chuckwagon Races and Grandstand Show. The Calgary Stampede is called the ‘Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth’. For those who do not know the Canadian National Anthem ‘O Canada’, it is a prayer for God to ‘keep our land glorious and free’.

My favourite, of the three times that I did this, was the 100th Anniversary of the Stampede. We put together a 200 voice choir and band to perform before 300,000 people that year. I am the little figure in black conducting the choir.

Calgary Stampede

6. Bookseller’s Convention with Andrae Crouch ~ Anaheim, CA, USA

Growing up, my musical hero was the Grammy Award winning writer and singer, Andrae Crouch. During this convention, the band that I was playing with, Living Sound, performed before 12,000 people and I was also asked to play in Andrae’s band on a couple of numbers. That was so cool! I got to play with my musical hero!

Andre Crouch

Question: Have you been to any of the places that I have mentioned in this blog? What have been your best places to visit or play at?

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